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Quality dental care that isn’t like pulling teeth

Aug 31, 2018 09:52PM ● By Melinda Mawdsley

The dentists at Western Slope Dental, from left: Dr. William Berguin, Dr. Kira Funder-burk and founder Dr. Brandon Berguin

A fear of the dentist is a real thing—no matter the age. Whether it was a routine visit that went badly as a child or trepidation about a hefty bill, people have their reasons for staying away from the dentist.

Dr. Brandon Berguin and the doctors at Western Slope Dental Center are keenly aware of these fears, but they want to assure patients that each dentist has the knowledge and the center offers the technology to make every visit go as smoothly as possible.

“We pride ourselves on catering to cowards,” joked Brandon, who opened Western Slope Dental in 1984.

Originally from South Dakota, Brandon and his wife looked at the Front Range when they searched for a place to open shop after he graduated from dental school at the University of Nebraska.

They thought it was too hectic. Brandon sort of chuckled when he thought about how hectic Denver is now.

The Berguins chose the Western Slope because it was a great place to raise a family and it offered the same access to the outdoor activities they enjoyed.

In 1994, Brandon built a new office to house the growing practice at 514 28 Road, which is where the practice still operates today. Keeping patients’ comfort in mind, he designed the building with a large waiting area that resembles a living room, complete with a television and fireplace that greet customers as they walk in.

To keep up with the increasing number of patients coming in for dental care, Brandon is joined by his son, Dr. Bill Berguin, and Dr. Kira Funderburk. Western Slope Dental Center also employs three dental hygienists for routine cleanings, three dental assistants who work closely with the dentists on more complex procedures, and three front office staff.

“One thing about having all three of us is we pretty much do anything—crowns, root canals, fillings, dentures, partial dentures, periodontal disease treatment, dental implants,” Brandon said.

If simply reading this list makes your mouth hurt a little, don’t worry. Advances in technology have made anesthetics work faster and more effectively, with less pain, said Funderburk, who joined the center in 2013. The office also offers nitrous oxide to help patients relax.

Although routine dental care is essential for all ages, many seniors lose dental insurance at retirement and/or no longer carry dental insurance.

Bill, who joined the practice a year ago, said a person’s physiology changes as he or she ages, making the mouth more susceptible to the harmful effects of bacteria.

“A lifetime of use can create cracks and structural issues,” he added.

When it comes to paying for care, Brandon said BEACON readers can breathe a bit easier because of the practice’s senior discount and no-interest financing option through Care Credit.

To stay up on the changes in dentistry, all three doctors participate in continuing education annually through conventions, online classes and local study groups.

Western Slope Dental Center is accepting new patients. Call 241-3483 or stop by 514 28 Road to learn more.

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