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BEACON Senior News - Western Colorado

Question of the Month: How did you meet the love of your life?

Feb 02, 2019 02:49AM ● By BEACON Senior News

Britton Purser

“I met my wife, Ami, in the art department at Colorado Mesa University. When we went on a school trip to Santa Fe, it wound up being just the two of us who were interested in seeing the art and architecture, so we hung out. I knew she was the one when it was obvious to all our friends that we were in love. They knew before we admitted it to ourselves.”

Jeannie Miller

“I first met my husband when he bought some furniture I was selling before moving out of Colorado. I knew he was the one because he loved to cook and had a great sense of humor. We’ll be married for 33 years in March.”


Betty Milner

“I met my husband through a friend he went to high school with. I can’t say there was something specific about knowing he was the one. I just always knew. We had been married for 53 years before he passed.”



Bob Anderson

“I met my wife, Jodie, in the RV business. She came in to get some parts and the guys paged me so I could meet her—they were always trying to set me up. Our first date didn’t go so well. I was smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey when I found out she was against both. I thought ‘that’s that.’ One day, months later, a girl caught my eye in the parking lot of Walmart. I spun around and it was her. We started talking, then she jumped on the back of my motorcycle and we’ve been together ever since. How did I know she was the one? We’re complete opposites, so I don’t know how it works, but I know it does!”

Laurie Kroschel

“After my car broke down on a Friday, Gary stopped and fixed it. My best friend’s locker was next to his and she set us up for our first date the next night. After our first date, we were inseparable. High school sweethearts for life.”


Rich Pringle “Vera and I met in high school. We got married as kids, and just grew up together. You just know when they’re ‘the one.’”      

Carole McKelvey

“I first met my husband of 45 years, George, in a hippie nightclub in the early 1960s. I was working as a waitress in a trendy folk music nightclub in Los Angeles, carrying a tray of hot ciders over my head with a full pitcher of beer and mugs clutched in the other hand. A guy in the audience put his foot out and I landed in a huge crash on the floor, covered in beer, cider and peanut shells. This new comic on stage was just about to start a bit and said, ‘Okay. Put it down anywhere!’ Dripping wet, I glared up at this guy, wondering who this punk from Chicago was. Turned out he was a really great guy and reasonably upset I’d interrupted his first show at the club. Although we had a shaky start, I just knew he was the one. We had our first date that night after work. I will love him forever.”