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The Year without Grandparents

Sep 03, 2019 01:08PM ● By Cloie Sandlin

It’s strange to think that I don’t have any grandparents.

I came to this realization recently when my wedding photographer asked for the names of family members I wish to include in formal photos at my upcoming nuptials. I listed parents, siblings, brothers-in-laws, nieces and nephews on both sides of the family, but no grandparents.

My grandfather, Earl (“Pawpaw” to me), was my last living grandparent. He died in February. My fiancé Sam’s paternal grandfather also passed away just a few weeks ago. As a kid, I never pictured my wedding without my grandparents. Their influence on my life was immeasurable.

Good grandparents are the people who fill in the parenting blanks. My paternal grandparents helped raise me (they kept me in line), while my maternal grandparents spoiled me with bedtime stories and songs (my pawpaw was a brilliant jokester). Grandparents are some of the most important people in their grandchildren’s lives, and I was fortunate to know all of them and to have them for as long as I did.

Yes, grandparents are THAT important. On National Grandparents Day on September 8, please let these important role models know just how much they mean to you. And for you grandparents out there, thank you for your love, patience and wisdom. In case you didn’t know, your guidance and encouragement last a lifetime.

Montrose-Delta BeaconFest

Fall is here, and that means the ninth annual Montrose-Delta BeaconFest is too! If you’re in the mood for a grand ol’ time, join us for this incredible boomer and senior fair, held on Thursday, September 19 at the Montrose Pavilion from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

We’ve planned an exciting lineup of live entertainment, free food, informative seminars and booths from over 60 senior-related businesses. Walgreens will also be giving out free flu shots. Admission is always free.

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