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Older Means Better

Dec 02, 2019 03:46PM ● By Beacon Senior News

Some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most brilliant achievements were completed when he was in his 80s. Ronald Reagan won the presidential office at age 70.

These celebrities show that the best is yet to come

Many people worry about growing old. But throughout history, individuals have achieved greatness long after reaching the age of retirement.

Don't believe it? Let’s begin with Frank Lloyd Wright, recognized as one of the greatest architects of all time. Wright designed houses and other buildings on islands and in remote parts of the world, using his highly individual system of making the structure part of its surroundings, whether they were trees, boulders or even streams.

Some of his most brilliant achievements were completed when he was in his 80s. He passed away at age 91. His widow, Olgivanna, said her husband was “one of the youngest old men I have ever known.”

Harlan David Sanders, known as the Colonel, was 65 when he came up with the idea for Col. Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken. His early life was spent farming, cooking, selling insurance, and working as a steamboat pilot before he took a family recipe and started the worldwide fried chicken enterprise that bears his name. He retired in his 80s, a multimillionaire.

Anna Marie Roberts Moses was 75 when she took up art and became a painter. She was christened “Grandma Moses” when a prominent art collector discovered her paintings in the showcase window of a drug store. A New York art gallery featured the artwork and her career as a significant global artist was successfully launched.

It took Harry Bernstein 96 years before he published a bestselling novel “The Invisible Wall.” In an interview, Bernstein admitted he could not have written the novel in his 80s. After the book was published, Bernstein wrote two other successful novels before he died.

Actor Tony Randall was 75 when, lo and behold, he fathered a child. His wife was 50 and when they had a second child two years later, she told an interviewer for a magazine that sex was a normal part of their married life and they thoroughly enjoyed each other in bed.

Tony Randall was 75 when he fathered a child. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was 60 when she was nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court

Oscar Swahn was the oldest man to ever win a medal in the Olympics. He was 72 when he collected a silver medal for his athletic achievements.

Kimani Maruge was 84 when she decided it was time for her to go to school. She entered the first grade, worked hard, and graduated.

Mohr Keet was 96 when he became bored with life and decided to become a bungee jumper. He leaped 708 feet from a cliff on South Africa's Western Cape and managed to make the Guinness Book of World Records.

After her 89th birthday, Dorothy Davenhill decided it was time she did some traveling. She boarded the Russian nuclear icebreaker Yanal and sailed to the North Pole.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was 60 when she was nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Now 86, she is still serving on the nation's highest court.

After serving as host of Death Valley Days and making many movies in Hollywood, Ronald Reagan decided to run for president of the United States. He won the office at the age of 70.

It’s proof that maybe the best is yet to come!

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