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The year without grandparents

Aug 31, 2020 01:46PM ● By Cloie Sandlin

Cloie Sandlin with her grandparents

Disclaimer: If the first part of this column sounds familiar, it’s because it was originally published in last year’s September issue. Aside from it bringing up pleasant memories of my own grandparents, I’ve chosen to rerun it (with a few updates) because it’s important to celebrate the grandparents who do so much for us.

It’s strange to think that I don’t have any grandparents.

My grandfather, Earl (“Pawpaw” to me), was my last living grandparent. He died in February last year. As a kid, I never pictured life without my grandparents. Their influence on my life was immeasurable.

Good grandparents are the people who fill in the parenting blanks. My paternal grandparents helped raise me (they kept me in line), while my maternal grandparents spoiled me with bedtime stories and songs (my pawpaw was a brilliant jokester). Grandparents are some of the most important people in their grandchildren’s lives, and I was fortunate to know all of them and to have them for as long as I did.

Yes, grandparents are THAT important. On National Grandparents Day, which is September 13, please let these important role models know just how much they mean to you. And for you grandparents out there, thank you for your love, patience and wisdom. Your guidance and encouragement lasts a lifetime.

Grandparents raising grandkids

If any grandparents deserve praise, it’s the women featured in this month’s story about grandparents taking on the challenges of raising grandkids (see page 24). Although most retirement incomes don’t accommodate for the needs of growing children, these women fought to provide a better life for their grandkids despite their own physical and economic challenges.

Volunteer of the Year

Each year, the BEACON honors volunteers who make our world a better place. Ed Wacker, the winner of this year’s Volunteer of the Year award, was chosen by BEACON readers who were inspired by his dedication to veterans at the Grand Junction VA Hospital. Read more about Ed on page 10.

Congratulations to the nine other outstanding volunteers nominated for this award! Even though our plans to publicly recognize you were derailed, we appreciate your selfless dedication to help make the Western Slope a better place to live! We also have awards we’d love to present to you! We’ll get in touch with you shortly, or you can set up an appointment by calling us at 243-8829.

Letters from our readers

Regarding “Face masks: Opposing viewpoints

“You may have unnecessarily caused some seniors to question wearing a mask with your pro and con mask-wearing articles. The WHO, CDC, AMA and worldwide medical researchers, scientists and experts say the same thing: wear a mask! Also, it’s mandated, thus a moot point. Bonnie McCune’s article is an opinion piece without published validity fact-checking. I thought her article was rebellious, shallow, lacked substance, lackadaisical and cavalier. Her article cast doubt on what we currently and accurately know. Dr. Fauci certainly knows more than a lay writer. We are the most vulnerable age category and seniors tend to believe what they read.”

- Tom C. Kelley

“What a ridiculous and irresponsible article! This plants doubt in people’s minds about the proven effectiveness of mask wearing, and puts the health of the elderly and high-risk population you serve in jeopardy. Requiring people to wear a face mask when in public during this war on COVID-19 is asking very little compared to the sacrifices people made during World War II.”

- Robert G.

Regarding “Selfish bastards

“Readers, please do not believe that all Christians feel the same way as Mr. Ralston. It was implied that Gov. Polis is not a Christian because if he was, he wouldn’t have gotten upset and said what he did. In fact, he is Christian, and just like Jesus did, he got angry—an emotion very appropriate when you are trying to protect the people of your state from getting coronavirus and dying when they aren’t listening. His motive was to get people’s attention about the seriousness of wearing masks, when softer tactics didn’t seem to be doing the trick. The Christian thing to do would be to take a non- judgmental view and note Gov. Polis was being a strong leader.”

- Melanie W.

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