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Remember caregivers on Valentine’s Day

Alzheimer's caregivers (angels)

Submitted by the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado Chapter

Valentine’s Day can be an especially difficult time for those caring for a spouse or partner living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, as well as for the person living with the disease. It’s also a reminder that sometimes love may be the motivation that keeps a care partner going on a difficult day.

Despite changing roles and responsibilities, it’s possible for couples navigating Alzheimer’s to adjust to these changes while maintaining their love and well-being. The Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association offers some tips:

Adapt activities. Continue enjoying as many activities as you can together, both old and new. Adapt activities as needed to make them comfortable and enjoyable. Let others know what social activities you feel most comfortable doing and the best ways to share time together.

Maintain communication. Be open with your feelings and what you’re going through, whether as a person living with the disease or as a caregiver. Talk with your partner and family about what kind of help you need now or in the future.

Ask for help. You may realize that you cannot do everything you once were able to do. Share with others how they can provide help and support as roles and responsibilities change.

Resources for families facing Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Association offers 24/7 support, reliable information, education and referrals to the millions of families impacted by this disease—online, in-person and over the phone—wherever people are most comfortable accessing information when they need it most.

• Call our professionally staffed 24/7 Helpline at 800-272-3900.

• Contact your local Alzheimer’s Association office for support groups, care consultations, education programs and ways on how to get involved. There are offices in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Durango, Fort Collins, Greeley, Grand Junction and Pueblo.

• Visit for a wealth of information, including our comprehensive Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Center to access more resources and information.

• Strengthen relationships. Focus on relationships that are supportive. Show your gratitude for the people you love and appreciate.

• Be prepared. Plan ahead for the future by putting together financial, legal and care plans. The sooner plans are in place, the better prepared you and your partner will be. You can then focus on enjoying your life moving forward.

• Seek support. Sometimes befriending another couple in the same situation offers new possibilities for support. Contact the Alzheimer’s Association Helpline (800-272-3900) to learn about support groups in your area.

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