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Strive for love in its highest form

Jan 25, 2021 02:54PM ● By Cloie Sandlin
Strive for love - holding hands

Love is a buzzword, not just because Valentine’s Day is approaching, but because it’s relevant everywhere: in relationships, business, consumerism and society at large. 

Because love is an important virtue that’s so widespread, it’s English definition only skims the surface. When it comes to love, I submit to the Greeks.

The ancient Greeks had eight words for love: 

• eros (romantic, passionate, desirable love) 

• philia (affectionate love, friendship) 

• agape (selfless, compassionate love) 

• storge (family love) 

• mania (obsessive love, jealousy) 

• ludus (playful love) 

• pragma (committed love)

• philautia (self-love)

Regardless of your romantic history, both you and I have expressed each of these types of love at some point in our lives. 

I grew up with sisters, so you can bet there was plenty of jealousy (mania) going around…and not just when they got more attention from my parents than I did (storge).  

As kids, my friends (philia) and I whispered about the boys we were crushing on (ludus). Then in high school, I met the love of my life (eros) and committed to him long before we finally tied the knot in 2019 (pragma). 

At the root of all of this is self-love (philautia) because in order to wholly love others, you must first love yourself. For me, this type of love manifests as pride in my work and personal achievements. I just have to remember to check myself and make sure it doesn’t go to my head.

Lastly, compassionate love (agape) is best described as unconditional. While philosophers and religious entities call this the highest form of love, it’s also in the shortest supply. 

I like to think that I’m a compassionate person, but I also know that my agape levels are lower than I’d like them to be. Similarly, I know plenty of people that could use a heavy dose—preferably intravenous so it’s fast-acting. 

If we show compassion to strangers in the same way we do our neighbors, wouldn’t our world be a better place? We can practice this by listening to others and respecting differences, by paying a compliment or doing someone a favor, volunteering for a cause, and even saying a prayer.

Local & Loved: BEACON Best revealed

BEACON readers spent the last few months voting for their favorite businesses and hotspots throughout Western Colorado. A special thanks to the hundreds of readers who voted for this year’s BEACON Best, and to the winners and nominees for providing quality products and outstanding customer service to our area’s boomers and seniors. 

The votes are in. See what businesses our readers voted for, starting on page 29.

Letters from our readers

“We are so thankful for our chamber ambassadors! Thank you to Debra Romaniec and BEACON Senior News!

- Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce

“I saw the online version of the January publication of BEACON Senior News and was thrilled. Then, the print copy came in the mail and I was honored and impressed to see the two-page spread. So many photos of me (eek!) but Bix did a great job and it was a fun experience! Thank you for the honor and opportunity. I hope it is well received and useful. The whole publication looks great!”

- Corey Colombin, author of January’s cover story, “The Art of Cooking Small”

RE: “Weird and wonderful holidays in 2021” (January)

“Love this! Not so sure about May 1, though (World Gardening Naked Day)”

- Brittany S.

RE: BEACON Best Awards

“I’d like to suggest a Best Bank category.”

- Ronald B.

“Best Landscaping/Lawn Care Service: My husband”

- Cindy B.

“Best Place for Coffee: Starbucks, but it’s kind of expensive—6 bucks!”

- Tom K.

“Best Place to Volunteer: Everywhere!”

- Mary Jo W.

“Best Date Night Location: New York City (but not during COVID)”

“Best Date Night Location: Burger King”

RE: “Become a citizen scientist” (January)

“I’d love to know about citizen scientist opportunities locally. I can’t travel very far, but I’d love to get involved.”

- Emma J.

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