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BEACON Senior News - Western Colorado

Question of the Month - October 2021

Sep 27, 2021 10:44AM ● By Jan Weeks & Siggie Carpenter
White arm with "goosebumps" hair sticking up

"What’s an experience that gives/gave you goosebumps?"

Mesa County

Pat Martin – Grand Junction

“It’s hard to choose just one. My group and I visited the Great Pyramid clandestinely at night and when we came down, men with AK-47s demanded money. I also attended an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru conducted by a shape-shifting shaman. (I didn’t take the drugs!)”

Christopher Fiser – Fruitvale

“When I was in grade school in Palisade, Mom and I moved into a brand-new apartment. After we got settled, Mom would find boxes she’d stored in the top of her closet out in the living room when she came home from work. In the morning, my clothes would be out of the dresser and flung around the room. We found out a framer fell and died while it was being built.”

Jill Swanson – Fruita

“I went to Mesa Verde many years ago. Pictures don’t do it justice. As I stood on the cliff and looked into the Anasazi dwellings, I felt the people and the civilization still inhabiting the ruins as if they were really there. It took my breath away.”

Bryce Christensen - Grand Junction

“When I first started practicing in Grand Junction, my office was in the Doc Shore house on historic Seventh Street. Strange things happened there, especially in the cellar. Doors would open by themselves, noises that seemed to have no cause. It was really creepy.”

Montrose & Delta Counties

Paula George - Montrose

“I’m a singer for the local band ‘Jedi George Hurricane.’ I always get goosebumps just before I have to harmonize with the guys in hopes that I will blend perfectly with them. These are ‘good’ goosebumps that help to keep me on key.”

Margi Beecher - Ridgway

“Winter is my favorite season, which is one of the reasons I love living in the Ridgway-Ouray area. I always get goosebumps when we go snowmobiling after a new snowfall because the ground is pristine and crystalized. I love that feeling—it makes me feel so alive.”

Bo Payne - Montrose

“When I worked in Alaska, I assisted the bush pilots who flew into remote areas to deliver supplies; there were no real runways where we landed. When I think about some of the places where we landed I still get goosebumps, especially the time we landed on a glacier.”

Tanya Goodrich - Montrose

“I’m an avid jeep tripper and love the open road. I get goosebumps whenever I come around a corner and see the breathtaking panoramic views of the land and hidden treasures around here. It never gets old; every season is new. These goosebumps make me appreciate nature’s beauty even in devastated areas.”

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