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Timberline is a true community bank

Sep 27, 2021 12:48PM ● By Jan Weeks
Timberline Bank employees Sadye Saad and Jessica Klements talk in the lobby at the branch at 649 Market St., Grand Junction.

Timberline Bank employees Sadye Saad and Jessica Klements talk in the lobby at the branch at 649 Market St., Grand Junction.

Timberline Bank’s Grand Junction branch started in a strip mall in 2004. While it has since grown from a handful of employees to almost 100 today, the bank remains committed to the community and excellent customer service. 

In 2006, the bank moved to 24 Road, just west of City Market. When the bank outgrew that location, construction started on a new building across from Regal Cinemas, which the bank moved into in spring 2020.

“I was really impressed by the new building. I like the friendly people, and they treat you well,” said John Orr, who’s been banking there for about a year.


When the pandemic struck and small business were forced to close, the bank’s staff were proactive. According to Marketing and Communication Specialist Sadye Saad, Timberline contacted their business account holders and explained the federal government’s new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). When the plan went into effect on April 3, 2020, staff from every level began processing the applications, working into the wee hours each night until each of the 2,098 requests was submitted. Family-owned businesses from cafés to shops to housesitting entities received low-interest loans so they could pay employees, landlords, utilities, and anything else needed to keep their businesses solvent. 


Jessica Klements wears a lot of hats at Timberline. She makes sure the bank is in compliance with all banking rules and regulations and is the bank secrecy officer. However, she’s most passionate about protecting customers, especially older adults, from scams

If she notes suspicious activity on customer accounts—such as wire transfers to foreign countries—she calls account holders to see if they approved the transaction. While she can’t notify children or other relatives of potential fraud if they’re not signatories on the account, if she suspects that an elderly person is being scammed, she can ask Adult Protective Services to look into the matter. 


Customers often praise Timberline for its great customer service. Debra Horwitz, who works for Hope West, was tremendously impressed at how quickly and easily Timberline helped the nonprofit get its PPP loan. 

“Timberline gives back to the community so generously. The wonderful customer service comes from the top level down and it shows,” said Horwitz. 

All leadership is in-house, not in some far-off corporate office. Anyone, even co-CEOs Jim Pedersen and Jeff Taets, and president Louise Goodman, will gladly meet with current or potential customers. 

“‘We’re here for you’ is not just a slogan. When you call the bank, you’ll speak to a person, a member of the Grand Junction community, not someone thousands of miles away,” Saad said.

She added that most people don’t know that many U.S. banks are owned by foreign entities. In contrast, Timberline’s three branches are owned locally, making it a true community bank. 

Visit Timberline’s headquarters at 649 Market St., Grand Junction, or at their Montrose Branch, 1561 Oxbow Dr. Call 970-683-5560 (Grand Junction) or 970-240-5489 (Montrose) to learn more. 

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