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SafeSpace Builders builds safer spaces

May 03, 2022 02:17PM ● By Terri Benson

SafeSpace Builders recently completed the extensive approval process for Medicaid. Now they’re “ramping” up to help more seniors remain in their homes with thoughtful designs that allow for freedom, safety and comfort.

Lori Siegesmund started SafeSpace Builders last summer to fill this need in the community. SafeSpace helps seniors, disabled persons and those recovering from surgery or injury stay mobile at home with universally designed ramps, grab bars, no-barrier showers, straight stair lifts, vertical platform lifts and home modifications to accommodate wheelchairs and other equipment. 

Staff take into account the user’s preferences, mobility, body size, reach and strength to enhance the livability of the space for everyone. 

“We have consideration for everyone who touches a room,” said SafeSpace Home Accessibility Specialist Shelley Clennin. “If a wheelchair user and an able-bodied person want to use the microwave, we’re going to position the microwave in a location that accommodates both needs.”

SafeSpace receives referrals from physicians, occupational therapists and discharge personnel to help tailor custom plans for clients while factoring in cost savings and a home’s resale value once home modifications are completed.

“It’s not just about the accessibility, it’s about the big investment. We think 10 steps ahead,” said Clennin. “Say a woman gets diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. An order comes in [from an occupational therapist] for a curbed shower. If I was to build her this beautiful tile shower, then in two years she’s in a wheelchair, what have I done for her? She’s in the same situation she was in before she met me, except that she has a pretty and expensive shower she can’t use.”

Wendy Genkov, housing rehabilitation program manager for Housing Resources of Western Colorado, attested to SafeSpace’s knowledgeable staff.

“They’re professional and friendly and go the extra mile to get it just right. They spend extra time with the clients to get them what they need,” Genkov said.

A division of 579 Construction, SafeSpace does more than what you’d expect from a home accessibility company. For Karen Jarnagin, workers installed new kitchen flooring, replaced the roof, painted the exterior and more. 

“Shelley was so kind and patient when she worked with Mom on her bathroom project to ensure the grab bars were at just the right height,” Karen’s daughter, Samantha, said. “The project is going great, and it’s getting done very fast. They stay with their client every step of the way.”

Clennin and her staff focus on how construction can help the whole family. 

“What I see is how we can combine construction with clinical needs to where the whole family universally benefits,” said Clennin.

Financing options are available. For a free assessment and estimate, call SafeSpace at 970-462-9472 or learn more at

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