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BEACON Senior News - Western Colorado

Master your mobility with Mobilty Driven

Aug 30, 2022 10:55AM ● By Melinda Mawdsley

“Mobility Driven helped me find my wheelchair accessible van and keep it working!” 

“Mobility Driven has repaired the electrical system and lift on our old van, installed lifts and transfer seats in our accessible camper trailer, and our new wheelchair van.”

Although these online reviews for Mobility Driven are relatively anonymous, the stories of compromised mobility may resonate with many in Western Colorado.

Accidental falls can affect a person’s ability to safely use stairs. Amputations likely will change driving habits. Aging may scare a person from using their camper or ATV, stealing them away from a lifelong hobby.

The staff at Mobility Driven want people to know, however, that mobility issues, whether temporary or permanent, do not need to change yours or a loved one’s life. 

Located in Grand Junction at 832 N. Crest Drive, Mobility Driven was founded in 2015 to help people of all ages, particularly seniors, regain or maintain independence through small and large transportation and home customization.

Initially, owner Robert Dittmer started Mobility Driven from his garage because his father, who had multiple sclerosis, needed hand controls installed on a steering wheel to drive. Realizing a local need for that service, Dittmer built the company into so much more.

“We more or less specialize in adaptive equipment for people who have a hindrance—anything from a small spinner knob because you can’t steer the wheel (of a vehicle) to people who need full van conversions,” said Office Manager Kaydee Burford. “Most of our home equipment is geared toward seniors who don’t necessarily want to move out of their homes, so we make their current home more accessible.”

Holding onto a family home or the ability to drive is important, but it’s crucial to have the work done by certified professionals. Modifying a vehicle with do-it-yourself hand controls can change airbag deployment, not to mention raise liability issues if faulty equipment causes an accident. For this reason, Dittmer encouraged people to call Mobility Driven to start consultations.

Technicians will learn specific home or vehicle needs and customize options to fit a customer’s budget and desires because the second story of your home, a drive to your favorite restaurant or a long overdue visit to that secret fishing hole shouldn’t be off-limits because of mobility. 

“If this is not part of your world, you don’t know what equipment is even available,” Burford said. “We get referrals from around the country. We can work with people from anywhere.”

To get an idea of what these mobility experts are capable of, visit Mobility Driven on Facebook to see happy customers with their adaptive devices. For a free consultation, call 970-712-1435.