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A dream come true: Relive the music of The Everly Brothers

Oct 03, 2022 03:27PM ● By Jan Weeks

Ever since “Bye Bye Love” hit the airwaves in 1957, The Everly Brothers’ smooth harmonies and appeal to teenaged love have captivated audiences worldwide. 

They followed up their first hit with “Wake Up, Little Susie,” which appealed to both the fear and thrill of being in love for the first time. 

Now Grand Junction audiences have the chance to relive those tunes and memories when The Everly Set hits the Avalon stage on Tuesday, November 15, at 7:30 p.m. 

Sean Altman and Jack Skuller sing a skillful tribute to that earlier band, performing “Cathy’s Clown,” “All I Have to Do is Dream,” “Crying in the Rain,” and many more Everly hits.

The original Everly brothers came from a musical family, performing live as the Everly Family Show. Father Ike Everly happened to know Chet Atkins, who would become one of the premier country guitarists in the world. When Atkins heard the boys sing, he got them a recording contract with Columbia Records. And thus a phenomenon was born.

Altman and Skuller bring that marvel to the stage once more. Those of us who slow danced to “Cryin’ in the Rain” and “Lonesome Town” or swung poodle skirts to “When Will I Be Loved” can relive those days of love, angst and glory. 

Like the Everlys, Altman and Skuller come from musical backgrounds. Altman founded Rockapella, an a cappella rock group in New York, and composed the Carmen Sandiego theme song. Skuller, a 20-something ex-teen idol and guitar slinger, recorded for Disney and is in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Though Altman carries his AARP card proudly and Skuller is barely out of his teen years, the two mesh perfectly in both harmonies and personalities, despite the three decades that separate them.  

The two met on stage in 2010 at the Loser’s Lounge in New York City. This musical bromance blossomed in 2014 when they decided to learn a bunch of Everly Brothers songs, just for kicks, and played a one-time gig in Manhattan. 

Their channeling of Phil and Don Everly sent the audience into a nostalgic frenzy. Eleven sets of matching shirts later, they hit the road. 

For Altman, one of the best parts of touring is seeing the country and eating local specialties. 

“To top it off, I get to sing songs I love for thousands of people. This is a rare and wonderful way to make a living,” said Altman.

Skuller echoed Altman’s love for playing for audiences and connecting them with The Everly Brothers’ timeless music. 

“The songs elicit joyous and emotional responses, and that’s a real thrill to be a part of,” said Skuller.

Both play guitar, with Altman playing rhythm and Skuller playing bluesy rockabilly solos throughout their shows. At the Avalon, the Everly Set will sell 27-song CDs and greet audience members during intermission.

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