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OPINION: Vote YES for a community recreation center on April 4

Feb 25, 2023 10:04AM ● By Sue Springer

In the February issue, I read with great interest the article about the Grand Junction Community Recreation Center that the campaign co-chair and I were interviewed for. It was filled with great information, and as a senior, I wanted to share my personal thoughts as well.

I am 72 years old and diabetic, but I still consider myself a healthy and active senior. I am an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, which I believe starts with moving.

This is the reason I am involved with and support voting for a community recreation center. The proposed recreation center means so much more than just moving at a gym. An equally important part is recognizing and helping this community be better and be aware of the physical and mental needs across the valley. That’s where a recreation center will benefit all
of us.

I love being a grandmother. It’s the best job ever! I love watching my grandsons participate in sports and I will love watching them with their friends when they meet up to play basketball at a new rec center. I know they will make new friends there. 

Families like mine will enjoy the pool and water slide. There will also be places for people to play backgammon, Mahjongg or checkers. What I know about this facility is that it’s designed to support all ages. It is designed to connect us.

The Grand Valley is the biggest community on the Western Slope without a recreation center. Smaller communities are enjoying benefits that we don’t yet have. We all want top-notch professionals recruited to our valley, and Realtors would identify a rec center as an important asset in attracting the doctors we might need someday.

I encourage everyone to visit to see the proposal and envision how you might personally enjoy the benefits of such a move. It’s been on the minds of a growing number of people for 20 years! But now, it really is the right place, the right plan at the right time.

A municipal election has the lowest voter turnout, which means your vote really does matter. So vote “yes” for a community recreation center on April 4. I hope you will join seniors like me and keep us all moving. 

Read more about the Grand Junction Community Recreation Center campaign at, and click here to read the story from February’s BEACON.

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