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Be the difference for a kitten in need

Apr 04, 2023 11:41AM ● By Jenna Kretschman

The first time I met my cats, Peach and Plum, their fragile frames fit in the palm of my hand. Despite being born to different cats on opposite ends of the valley, these girls shared parallel stories. 

In July 2020, both kittens were found outdoors, dirty and in distress after being abandoned by their mothers. Miraculously, both kittens were rescued and quickly moved into a Roice-Hurst Humane Society foster home for their only chance at survival. 

Their journey from rescue to adoption required a precise balance of luck, knowledge and love through the critical first weeks of kittenhood, ultimately enabling my most beloved companions to share a beautiful life with me today.

The first humans Peach and Plum met were their rescuers. Not only did these kind people serendipitously stumble across the kittens and choose to help, they correctly assessed the situation and responded appropriately. 

Oftentimes when newborn kittens are discovered outdoors, well-meaning people immediately scoop them up and drop them off at a shelter. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to kittens and shelters alike if the kittens’ doting mama is just around the corner. A newborn kitten’s best caretaker is always their mother, so only intervene when you are positive that kittens are truly abandoned. When in doubt, call a shelter like Roice-Hurst for guidance.

After some stabilization, the kittens met their incredible foster family. Orphaned kittens require a human to bottle feed them, stimulate them to potty and keep them warm and fed around-the-clock, just as a mother cat would. Peach and Plum survived because their nurturing foster family said yes to the call for help.

Along the way, Roice-Hurst provided all necessary vet care and supplies. Animal lovers in our community donated funds and supplies from the shelter’s wish list, allowing foster families to focus on saving lives without taking on a financial burden.

Eight weeks later, I signed Peach and Plum’s adoption paperwork to give them the happily ever after they always deserved. 

Peach and Plum were born during kitten season, which happens annually between now and the end of autumn when cats reproduce. This kitten season, in honor of Peach and Plum, I challenge you to be the difference for a kitten in need. Learn more about fosteringdonating and adopting at

Find out what items are on Roice-Hurst's Wish List here.

Kitten season is here

Kitten season is here

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