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BEACON Senior News - Western Colorado

Live life comfortably in a La-Z-Boy

Apr 28, 2023 11:29AM ● By Cloie Sandlin

In 1927, cousins Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch designed the reclining wood-slat chair, which launched the La-Z-Boy brand and brought fame to a new type of furniture: the iconic recliner. 

Cory Bennett carries on the brand’s legacy for quality furniture by operating the largest La-Z-Boy dealer between Denver and Salt Lake City. He’s been with the company since 2001. 

Before it was La-Z-Boy, Bennet’s father, Mike, started American Furniture Company on Grand Junction’s Main Street in 1964. Mike later bought the building at 865 North Ave. and rebranded the store as a La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio. The store underwent another remodel in 2011 and became a Furniture Gallery, selling only La-Z-Boy furniture.   

“Going to La-Z-Boy when we did and concentrating on what the company does has been really good for us for more than 20 years,” said Bennett. 


Bennett and his staff sell a lot of what La-Z-Boy is best known for: reclining furniture. However, they still sell stationary chairs, sofas, loveseats and sectionals;  ottomans, coffee tables and home accents.

Customers aren’t limited to what’s available on the showroom floor, as any piece of La-Z-Boy furniture can be customized to order. With hundreds of patterns, fabrics and features to choose from, you can make any furniture piece match your style and comfort needs.

“There’s a lot of unique features that La-Z-Boy has to their chairs that you can’t find anywhere else,” said Bennett. “There’s close to 12 million permutations you can do.”

Buyers can customize everything from arm style and base height to color and positioning of the recliner adjustment handle (good news for lefties). The most common customizations, according to Bennett, include adding power, adjustable head rests and lumbar support, heat and lifts.

Bennett and Comfort Specialist & Designer Anissa Weekley are available to assist customers with their decision-making by asking thoughtful questions. Weekely even does in-home consultations.

“I ask a lot of questions like what’s in their room currently? What’s their artwork like? That’s where your sense of design starts,” said Weekley.


La-Z-Boy furniture is built to last, which is why the local store gets customers coming back every decade or so to refresh their space.  

“A lot of them give their old furniture to their kids or other family members,” said Bennett. “[Bigger furniture stores] are going to beat us on pricing almost every time. But it’s hard to compare because you’re not comparing the same type of furniture.”

Orders usually take six to eight weeks to come in and can be delivered almost anywhere on the Western Slope.

“If you need something right away, we’ve got the largest stock of merchandise we’ve ever had in the history of our store,” said Bennett. “You can come and take it home!”

5 tips for choosing new furniture

Weekley and Bennett offered these tips: 

1. Pick furniture that feels like home.

Do you feel more at home with a big comfy fabric sectional or a modern-looking leather sofa? Save photos of colors and designs you like on your phone and bring them with you.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.

Expand your design capabilities with multiple textures and patterns. Take home swatches so you can see what appeals to you. 

3. Buy furniture that fits you.

Whether that requires the right cushion width or increasing the base height, ultimately, the furniture you take home should fit you. 

4. Visualize it in your space. 

Looking at pieces in the showroom can be deceiving. It’s important to take some time and visualize pieces in your space under accurate lighting. 

5. Measure, then measure again.

It’s never fun getting your dream furniture delivered to your house, only to realize it doesn’t fit.