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BEACON Senior News - Western Colorado

Vote for our 2023 Montrose-Delta Volunteer of the Year

What age group makes up the majority of our community’s volunteers? Seniors! 

That’s why the BEACON gives Montrose County & Delta County organizations the opportunity to recognize their outstanding senior volunteers at Montrose-Delta BeaconFest on Thursday, September 14 at the Montrose Pavilion. All nominated volunteers will be honored at the stage, but only one can be named Volunteer of the Year—and we need your help! 

Read about each volunteer's qualifications:

 Maxine Behrman & Judy Fairchild

Nominated by City of Delta/Bill Heddles Recreation Center

Maxine and Judy have been essential in organizing, running and communicating events that happen with pickleball in Delta and the surrounding area. Because of their involvement, the number of pickleball players in the area has steadily increased over the last nine years. They both recognize the value of offering this sport to the community. Maxine can be found on the pickleball court most Tuesday mornings running round-robin play. Judy offers lessons to new players on Thursdays. All of their time is volunteered to help the City of Delta sports program. The social interaction and physical activity that pickleball provides is a benefit to the participants and leads to a healthier community. We appreciate their dedication and commitment!

 Colie Bowerman 

Nominated by Museum of the Mountain West

Colie Bowerman has been an outstanding volunteer docent at the Museum of the Mountain West. He is always willing to help and is exceptionally great with the guests and students that come to the museum. He comes in character and enhances the quality of the experience for each of our guests. 

 Kris Valentino

Nominated by Roice-Hurst Humane Society 

After moving to Delta in 2021, Kris Valentino was looking for a rewarding volunteer experience and began volunteering at Roice-Hurst Humane Society’s Delta satellite facility. Since November 2021, Kris has contributed hundreds of hours to caring for shelter pets and improving our grounds. She is just as willing to do yard work, clean a kennel or sort a shed as she is playing with a goofy pup. Kris is a constant helpful presence at our small but mighty Delta facility, and we feel incredibly grateful to have her! 

Online voting is closed. See who our readers selected as Volunteer of the Year at BeaconFest, Thursday, Sept. 14 at the Montrose Pavilion.