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Beware when dating health professionals

Jan 29, 2024 03:19PM ● By Nick Thomas

Upon entering the dating scene, single seniors might be tempted to pursue relationships with someone working in or retired from the health industry. 

But while ophthalmologists may have a fun sense of humor due to their cornea jokes, it’s important to proceed with caution. Although health professionals are respected members of the community, relationships with specific individuals in the health industry may pose these potential issues:

Beware of dating radiologists. They can see right through you.

Beware of dating cardiologists. They may discover your heart isn’t in the right place.

Beware of dating chiropractors. They have too many back issues.

Beware of dating retired gynecologists. They just can’t deliver anymore.

Beware of dating allergists. Their affection might be seasonal.

Beware of dating brain surgeons. They know how to change your mind.

Beware of dating pediatricians. They have little patience.

Beware of dating plastic surgeons. They can’t stop making faces.

Beware of dating geriatricians. They have age-old issues.

Beware of dating audiologists. They’ll claim you can’t make any sound decisions.

Beware of dating podiatrists. You’ll soon tire of being introduced as their sole mate.

Beware of dating hematologists. They may not be your type.

Beware of dating hypnotherapists. You may be mesmerized, but only subconsciously.

Beware of dating pharmacists. They might not have the right prescription for romance.

Beware of dating acupuncturists without a license to practice. They’re pointless.

Beware of dating proctologists. Sure, they can work things out, but it won’t be fun.

Beware of dating respiratory therapists, even if they are breathtaking.

Beware of dating dentists. Over supper, they’ll only ask about your day when your mouth is full.

Beware of dating short optometrists. You may not see eye to eye.

Beware of dating anesthesiologists. But if you must, knock yourself out.

Beware of dating paramedics. They’re always on the road to recovery.

Beware of dating surgeons. Especially if you frequently use the term “cut it out.”

Beware of dating dietitians. They may only provide you with food for thought.

Beware of dating psychiatrists. But if you do, lock up your salty snacks or they may discover your nuts.

Beware of dating dermatologists. Obviously, that would be a rash decision.

Beware of dating nurses. They may start seeing other people TID with meals. 

I dated a nurse. And married her. She’s still in recovery.