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Pelvic health matters: How Urological Associates is leading the way

Apr 03, 2024 02:11PM ● By Carla Johnson
Urological Associates of Western Colorado

Urological Associates of Western Colorado

Pelvic health complaints aren’t typically aired in polite conversation on the pickleball court, but they’re important concerns for many seniors.

Urological Associates of Western Colorado (UAWC) is the only practice of its kind in the Grand Valley, specializing in treating a range of urological conditions that impact the well-being of seniors. Their focus encompasses the treatment of prostate, bladder and kidney cancers, urinary tract infections, kidney stones and other related health concerns, including erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Located at in the west wing of Community Hospital at 2373 G Road, UAWC has a team of 10 board-certified urologists, four advanced practice providers (physician assistants and nurse practitioners), physical therapists, surgical technicians and medical assistants.

Kyle Hussey, Chief Operating Officer for Colorado Surgical Affiliates, which oversees UAWC, said their services are expanding to meet the needs of the Western Slope’s aging population.  

“We’re working to make this a one-stop medical office where it’s easy to be seen,” he said. “New patients are usually scheduled within two weeks.”  

In an effort to streamline patient care, Hussey mentioned that the practice is working towards consolidating lab work and diagnostics into a single visit, and is actively seeking funding to be able to directly provide prescribed medications on site. 

For female patients, Canyon View Wellness and Spa ensures privacy and offers specialized services such as hormone replacement therapy and pelvic floor physical therapy.

Dr. Nicholas Westfall, who has been with the practice for seven years, said that one of the unique features of UAWC is its business model.  

“We are an entrepreneurial group that runs our own business combined with General Surgeons of Western Colorado,” he said. “We are locally physician owned. We treat patients and handle all the billing and insurance ourselves. We make good decisions for both the patients and the business.”

All of the doctors make the same income so they can focus on exceptional patient care.

“We are the premier urologic care providers for the region,” Westfall added. “And we’re proud of the compassion of our doctors and their commitment to high-quality care.”

UAWC can treat the majority of pelvic health cases locally, with little need to refer patients outside of Grand Junction.

“The complexity of the cases we see keeps our skill level up,” said Westfall. “We spend six months to a year with each new doctor joining the practice to ensure a consistent level of care so that patients have confidence in each of their providers.” 

To schedule an appointment at Urological Associates of Western Colorado, call 970-243-3061.