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BEACON Senior News - Western Colorado

Storytelling Training for Spellbinders

Course prepares you for presenting engaging stories in the age old oral tradition, (not reading aloud)! Learn how to find, learn and tell stories.

 Oral storytelling is the traditional art of presenting a story without the use of a book. This ancient art form offers several  benefits to both the listener and the teller!

    Have you ever heard someone tell a story and found yourself caught you up and transported right into their story? What a wonderful experince!  Now you can learn how to be a successful storyteller and benefit our community as well!  We teach you all about stories and the process....from choosing, learning, and presenting. Once trained, we help you adopt an elementary aged classroom to tell your stories to. 

  Members of Spellbinders love telling stories to "their" children, and being part of a fun, dynamic group.  And the children and teachers appreciate and welcome us with open arms!

Become part of us and enroll in the upcoming training today!

Date & Time

Weekly on Tuesday and Thursday

Oct 05, 2023 through Oct 19, 2023

9:00AM - 12:00PM


Red Cross Building - 506 Gunnison Ave., Grand Junction, CO, 81501 506 Gunnison Ave. Grand Junction 81501 CO US

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