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Fitness and fun

Jun 06, 2019 02:12PM ● By Jan Weeks

What do you get when you put an insurance salesperson and a yoga instructor together? A dynamic combination of expertise in senior protection and health in one package.

Ashley VanGundy, owner of 970 Insurance, and Mathew McRobbie, owner/instructor of B Yoga, have joined forces to start a free monthly chair yoga class at Vault Real Estate Community, 2755 North Ave. in Grand Junction.

Chair yoga is a great option for people of all ages and skill levels, focusing on improving flexibility and creating happy mental states. McRobbie recommends chair yoga for those who have never done yoga and for those who want a gentle workout. “It’s not a competition,” he said. “Students should work only to their comfort level.”

As an insurance agent specializing in Medicare supplement and advantage plans, VanGundy has extensive experience working with seniors. She was introduced to B Yoga and began reaping the benefits just after a few classes.

“Mat’s class helped me so much,” she said. “I love working with seniors, so I told him what I did, and we started talking about how nice it’d be to offer a class specifically for them.”

Both VanGundy and McRobbie believe that happiness and health go hand in hand and are passionate about helping everyone, especially boomers and seniors, live life to the fullest.

“You can really see a difference in people who are active and moving,” said VanGundy. “We want to share that value to everyone in a class that not only helps them physically, but also brings happiness to their sense of well being, mentally and emotionally. Some seniors are lonely, and it’s also nice to have that sense of community.”

Two of McRobbie’s students credit yoga with easing their pain and making life more enjoyable.

Terri Ludwig, 60, hasn’t let fibromyalgia stop her. She attends meditation class, restorative yoga and chair yoga at B Yoga, 305 Main St., weekly.

“It’s given me my life back,” she said.

Nancy Sowers, 72, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

“They took out the lymph node in my side and used laser radiation on my lungs to reduce the cancer,” she said. “Yoga helps me breathe better, and eases my sciatica and arthritis.”

The next class is scheduled for June 22, from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at The Vault. Snacks will be provided.

To reserve your spot, or to find the best Medicare plan, contact Van Gundy at 712-8672 or visit

If you’re ready to build new health skills or brush up on old ones, and make new friends in the process, give McRobbie a call at 312-4711 and visit for schedules.

To make the yoga experience even better, follow these simple guidelines:

• Don’t exercise on a full stomach. Eat a light meal one to two hours before class.

• Wear comfortable clothing. You don’t need expensive workout gear. A T-shirt and stretchy pants work fine.

• Stay hydrated. Bring a bottle of water with you.

• Don’t forget to breathe! Inhale deeply when the pose expands your chest and exhale when you bend over.

• Move slowly at your comfort level. It’s about flow, not finishing fast. ■

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