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BEACON Senior News - Western Colorado

Winter boredom busters

Dec 30, 2019 03:27PM ● By Kimberly Blaker

Does being cooped up through the long winter months have you feeling down and lethargic? Staying physically and mentally active is essential to maintaining your energy and keeping your spirits high. Give the following boredom busters a try.

Go skating. Ice, inline or roller skating is excellent cardiovascular exercise and an effective energy and mood booster. It also improves balance and coordination. Not to mention, it’s just plain fun. A skate session at Spin City or Glacier Ice Arena will get your blood pumping.

Film festival. These are often held during the winter months at independent theaters, museums, and on college campuses. If the festival has multiple films you’d like to check out, it usually offers discounted passes to see multiple or unlimited movies during the event.

Join a gym. Get your cardio workout on treadmills, stationary bicycles, stair climbers, arc trainers, indoor rowers and elliptical trainers. Then hit the weight machines every other day to tone and strengthen your muscles. Just think how great you’ll look come summer!

Aerobics or dance class. Aerobics is an excellent workout that also enhances energy. But if the “e” word scares you, opt for a dance class instead. There are lots of styles to choose from: jazz, modern, hip-hop, ballet, clogging, ballroom, salsa, contra, square dancing and more. Pick up an activity guide from Grand Junction or Fruita Parks & Recreation, or contact the local contra dance society.

Attend a sporting event. Get tickets to a football, hockey or basketball game. Upcoming CMU games can be found here: If watching team sports isn’t your thing, you might enjoy boxing or martial arts matches, or ice skating competitions.

Try a new sport. Get your game on with a new sport. Check with the community recreation center or parks and recreation department.

Spa treatment. Revitalize by scheduling a day at the spa, or give yourself a home spa treatment. Bask in luxury with a facial, manicure, pedicure and hair treatment. A new hairstyle, color or highlights will likely lift your spirits.

Form a weekly or monthly card-playing group. Ask friends, neighbors, coworkers and family to join you for a regular evening of bridge, euchre, poker or rummy. Ask everyone to bring a snack to share, and take turns with other players hosting the event. Your local senior center also has daily and weekly schedules of games to join!

Go to a theatre or dance performance. Look for performances at a nearby big city as well as small performing arts theaters found locally. Community colleges and universities often have performances open to the public. See what CMU has coming up.

Weekend getaway. Take a long weekend away and someplace warm, like Iron Mountain Hot Springs for a warm soak. Look up attractions and entertainment before you go to make the most of your weekend stint.

Go to a concert. Venues like the Avalon Theatre host regular performances. But don’t forget about Community Concerts of the Grand Valley and the KAFM Radio Room, which bring renowned, independent artists of a wide variety of genres.

Check out a museum. Explore local Museums of Western Colorado such as Dinosaur Journey, or galleries like Palisade’s Blue Pig Gallery. Art, history and science museums are a fun, fascinating way to spend a day.

Visit the library. If you like to read, Mesa County Libraries offers cozy reading nooks, making it an excellent way to get out of the house for a while and relax. Additionally, libraries offer an extensive collection of magazines, DVDs, video games and music CDs.

Do a jigsaw puzzle. This is the perfect indoor activity for relaxing while exercising your brain. Before you begin, cut a piece of cardboard a little larger than the dimensions of the puzzle. That way, if it takes a while to complete, you can store it out of your way.

Volunteer at a local charity. Volunteer your time and service at your favorite charity. Whether you want to help the elderly, poor, sick, homeless, kids, pets or the environment, there’s something out there for everyone.

Rearrange your furniture. Give your living room, bedroom, or office a fresh look by rearranging for a cozier feel or a better view of daylight to help brighten your environment.

Paint a wall. Choose a bright, cheery paint color to brighten a room. Do you need more energy? Try red on a single wall. Orange increases happiness and social behavior. Yellow is also a good choice because it helps you think better while reducing depression. A word of caution, though: each of these intense colors can cause irritability if overdone. So paint only a single wall if you’re using a dark shade. If the color is very muted, you might be able to use the color on more than one wall in a room.