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PIBCOA: A Revolutionary Therapy That Gets Results

Dec 02, 2019 02:58PM ● By Melinda Mawdsley

Dr. Jeff Midgley calls himself “results-oriented.” So when he noticed some of his patients at Renew Chiropractic were noticing positive results with consistent care while others were not, he wanted answers.

“We are living in the age of technology, yet when it comes to health, we haven’t changed much in decades,” Midgley said. “I wanted to sink deeper into finding the cause of some health concerns and creating solutions.”

Some of the issues his patients suffer from include severe neck/back pain, thyroid problems, chronic fatigue, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and even Alzheimer’s. Midgley wondered, is there something out there that could help them all? Turns out, the answer is yes!

Pain Injury & Brain Centers of America

Midgley isn’t afraid to research cutting-edge technologies to help his patients with whatever medical issues they’re facing. Recently, his research led him to the Pain Injury & Brain Centers of America (PIBCOA).

PIBCOA is an artificial intelligence (AI) myoneurvascular therapy that accelerates healing by finding degenerative tissue and working with those areas to become generative again. This enhances the body’s ability to heal itself that is non-drug, non-invasive and virtually pain free.

Midgley was so intrigued and impressed by PIBCOA’s science and patient testimonials that his business will unveil a rebrand with the technology.Dr. Jeff Midgley in his PIBCOA treatment room

In December, Renew Chiropractic will be renamed PIBCOA and will accept new patients as it transitions away from traditional chiropractic care to specialize in the implementation of this new therapy. A team of trained clinicians will operate the PIBCOA equipment at 2648 Patterson Road, Unit B, in Grand Junction.

“What can we do with technology to improve the quality of life on a consistent basis?” Midgley asked. “The goal is, let’s get you to the point where the body is functioning as it’s supposed to.”

Technology that’s proven

Even though the grand opening is scheduled for December, Midgley’s office has treated interested patients since July. And the results have already proved the technology’s worth.

“Everybody who has come in to get treated has noticed some level of improvement,” he said.

Midgley shared the testimonial of a female patient who noted PIBCOA is the only thing she has found to provide relief and offer hope that she will one day be free of the debilitating pain she suffers from. A male veteran came to Midgley’s office unable to lift his arms more than 15 degrees because of three degenerative discs. Within two weeks, the man could raise his arms again.

PIBCOA therapy—a treatment previously reserved primarily for professional athletes—boasts that it “can effectively increase the body’s ability to heal five times the normal rate and deliver a 95 percent success rate to our patients!” according to

Without getting too scientific, Midgley is happy to explain the ins and outs of PIBCOA to interested patients. What makes PIBCOA unique is that the therapy targets the body at its most basic level: cellular.

Creating healthy cells

Dr. Jeff Midgley

Midgley studied cell molecular biology as an undergraduate before going to chiropractic school, so he is fascinated with how the human body functions—or doesn’t—at the cellular level.

“If we can get these cells healthy and reproducing healthy cells, it creates long-term sustainability,” Midgley said.

The technology is safe for seniors. Because of the use of electricity in the therapy, however, people with implanted electronic devices that can’t be turned off—pacemakers, for example—cannot participate in PIBCOA.

Eligible new patients start with a consultation to assess the source of pain, type of disease, areas of concern, etc. From there, Midgley builds a care plan catered to each patient’s needs. Insurance doesn’t currently cover PIBCOA treatments, but Midgley is committed to making this technology affordable and is willing to finance treatment if necessary.

Midgley noted the cost of PIBCOA treatments, and the improvements in health that are possible in a matter of months, is nothing compared to the cost of medications for people living with thyroid issues, multiple sclerosis, diabetes or arthritis. Helping patients with such diseases is his passion.

The team is “rebuilding the cells at a molecular level to function as they are supposed to and continue to,” Midgley said.

To learn more about PIBCOA or schedule a consultation, call 628-4481.

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